Unlock the full potential of your notes with:

NeaterNotes Plus

  • 3 Neater Notebooks
  • 5 Customization Packages
  • 192 pages per notebook
  • Individual pages can be shared
NeaterNotes Plus
per user / per month
  • Unlimited Notebooks
  • All Customization Packages
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Neater Notebooks can be shared collaboratively
Common Questions

Want some clarification?

What are customization packages, do you need NeaterNotes Plus to get more, and how many will there be? 
Customization packages are collections of customization options that allow you to change the look of your notes through elements such as handwriting styles, banners, headings, bullets, and highlighter marks. Different elements from each customization package can be mixed and matched with others to help you get the exact look you want for your neater notes.

Customization packages will be released on the NeaterNotes Marketplace on a weekly basis and after our full launch we will be incorporating user created designs! Customization packages will be purchasable without a subscription for a variety of prices depending on the package, but NeaterNotes Plus unlocks all customization options and instantly grants access to new ones as soon as they're released.
Is there a discount for annual billing?
Yes, users who subscribe to NeaterNotes Plus and pay annually instead of monthly will receive a 25% discount.
What is a Neater Notebook?
Simply put, Neater Notebooks are digital notebooks that allow information to be stored in a superior format, letting you swap around pages, move around elements on the page, edit information, and change the look of your notes at any time. Settings can be configured to each individual notebook. For instance, you can set it up so that when you're scanning your economics notes NeaterNotes recognizes the color of each pen you've used and translates it with each color, but translates all your writing to blue in your English notebook even if you wrote with a black pen. Similarly, you can configure shorthand to mean different things depending on the notebook.

NeaterNotes Plus allows for additional sharing functionality, enabling you to share the entirety of a notebook with another NeaterNotes user with or without edit access in addition to the ability to share individual pages through the app or as a PDF.

Can you purchase additional Neater Notebooks or cloud storage without subscribing to NeaterNotes Plus?
Yes, you can purchase both permanent notebooks and cloud storage upgrades on their own instead of subscribing. Additionally, you can store notes directly to your device if you desire instead of using cloud storage.